Benefits Of Eco-Grip Flooring

|February 7, 2023

As far as flooring goes for restaurant kitchens, or other types of commercial spaces, not all flooring is the same. Gone are the days where there’s no difference in the benefits that traditional, Earthy-looking tiles or laminate floors provide to workers from other flooring alternatives. 

Eco-Grip flooring has changed the game, and brought with it a number of unique benefits compared to traditional commercial flooring. From sustainability to safety, to water-proofing, durability, convenience in maintenance, and physical appeal, the benefits of Eco-Grip flooring are countless. Here are 5 of the benefits of Eco-Grip flooring that you should know:


One of the greatest benefits of Eco-Grip flooring is its durability. People call it virtually indestructible, and it’s known to be impact and puncture resistant. The normal wear-and-tear of commercial and/or industrial environments are of no concern to Eco-Grip floors.


Another benefit of Eco-Grip flooring is that the materials used to make it are sustainably sourced. Eco-Grip flooring is made up of 98% recycled polyvinyl, reducing impact on the environment compared to other flooring types.

Water, Chemical & Slip Resistant

One area of benefits of Eco-Grip flooring include everything it resists. While it can be said that Eco-Grip flooring is waterproof, a safer (and equally true) statement would be to say it’s water resistant. This is achieved through the materials used to make Eco-Grip flooring, as well as its manufacturing process. For the same reasons, it’s chemical resistant. Apart from its ability to resist absorbing water and other potentially harmful fluids (like chemicals), another benefit is realized – its slip resistance. You can rest assured your floors are safe to walk and work on while maintaining quality over time!

Prevents Microbial Growth

Eco-Grip flooring was designed to prevent microbial growth. Since this dramatically helps create a safer work environment, it’s very much a benefit worth mentioning – especially with how decisions are made and health risks are perceived in the wake of the pandemic. The prevention of microbial growth is made possible through Eco-Grip’s manufacturing process, which combines PET fibre and polyvinyl. 

Ease of Maintenance

An always-welcome benefit of Eco-Grip flooring is how easy it is to maintain your floors. Given the previous benefit, it can be said that Eco-Grip flooring may require less maintenance than most traditional floors, as its antimicrobial qualities reduce certain sanitary needs. Add to that its durability, and you’ll find that Eco-Grip flooring is easy to clean and can sustain a wide range of supplies and cleaning solutions! It’s worth noting that Eco-Grip floor maintenance shouldn’t be managed exactly the same as other types of flooring. While precise maintenance guidelines are provided by manufacturers, here’s a helpful guide on Eco-Grip floor maintenance.


Obviously, there’s no shortage of benefits to Eco-Grip flooring. You may go so far as to say that the benefits far outweigh the costs – it’s why they’re so revolutionary! For more information on Eco-Grip flooring, or if you’d like to discuss whether it’s right for you – visit our website or give us a call today!

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