Airport Maintenance – Successful Tips

|June 21, 2022

Airport maintenance can be quite challenging due to various reasons. Keep reading for X helpful tips. 

An airport building is typically a vast facility with single terminals spamming over 300,000 square feet. Factors like high ceilings and glass walls contribute to making the facility a spacious one so that thousands of passengers can pass through without a hassle. 

While it is important for airports to be massive, this also adds up to the total cost of space that needs maintenance. However, cleaning and maintaining the airport poses many challenges due to the busyness of the place and frequent changes in schedules. Here is how airport owners can ensure a safe and clean environment for passengers through airport maintenance. 

Choose the Right Entrance Flooring

The entrance of airport terminals sees a lot of dirt and moisture that comes along with passengers’ shoes and luggage wheels. This means that these floors and the location require a lot of cleaning and maintenance. 

However, most types of floors do not allow scraping, brushing, and absorption. As a result, dirt and debris also enter the terminals and increase the cleaning costs. Not to mention, this also causes expensive floorings to wear and tear.

One good way of avoiding this issue is to choose a flowing solution that is well-optimized for scraping, brushing, and absorbing. These reduce airport maintenance costs, being much easier to maintain. 

Select an Appropriate Expansion Joint Cover

All huge buildings are subject to building movement, so airport maintenance must take care of the issue. It is usually the result of weather conditions like wind and other factors such as seismic events and thermal expansion. While building movements due to weather and environmental conditions are common, they can pose quite a lot of danger to the safety of people.

Built-in expansive joints are designed in accordance with the design of the terminal. But joint covers play a huge role in preventing wall and floor damage and ensuring passenger safety. Make sure you choose one with an impressive track record of use in airport terminals. These go with the aesthetic while also being incredibly functional. 

Use Sustainable Environmental Programs

Commercial buildings like that of an airport consume loads of energy for amenities like heating and cooling, lighting, etc. This is the reason why airport maintenance managements are now starting to look for environmental programs like BREEAM and LEED. These help design airport facilities that consume lesser energy.

 On the other hand, airport owners can also work on saving energy by making use of natural daylight. Options like solar shading provide light while keeping the heat and glare outside the facility. Solar shading does not require maintenance and is relatively easier on the pocket. 




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