4 Top Commercial Cleaning Trends We Are Seeing

|July 7, 2021

Commercial cleaning trends, like the many other cleaning trends of public interest, have seen a spike in importance and quite the buzz online over the past year and a half. The reason is no secret – a pandemic swept around the globe and changed how everyone sees everything. For the most part, the lens we now see the world through registers a lot more in the way of sanitation.

Since turning the corner on COVID-19, as life begins to return to normal and people go back to their social and professional routines, commercial spaces grow as a point of interest. Specifically, the sanitary standards and conditions of public places and communal spaces have heightened. Whether your office, warehouse, retail space or other facility comes to mind, you should know that things are done differently. Here are the top four commercial cleaning trends we’re seeing:

New Disinfecting Technology

The fast-growing demand for cleaning and disinfecting products has resulted in a lot of innovation to the technologies that support the industry. For example, the EPA has seen a spike in applications for disinfecting solutions ever since the supply shortage of Clorox and Lysol wipes. There have been a number of technological innovations to meet the needs of commercial sanitation, such as electrostatic disinfecting. Electrostatic disinfecting uses a specialized sprayer that distributes a positively charged disinfecting solution evenly to even the hardest to reach surfaces and ensures maximum disinfecting ability.

Improved Ventilation & Air Monitoring 

Another trend includes commercial ventilation and the formerly-boring HVAC systems, which are getting some much needed attention. Replacing or servicing commercial HVAC systems, or at least cleaning and replacing their air filters, is trending upward. Also, many operations professionals are investing in air monitors and air purifying systems.

Greener Methods

Green cleaning – the use of environmentally-friendly products, equipment, and methods – has grown in importance at a much greater degree than before. People are aware that the pandemic has accounted for a greater amount of resources being dedicated to sanitation, and socially, the call for a greener approach has attached itself to booming commercial cleaning trends. Ignoring this may result in a bad image for your company, and this isn’t good news for your business.

Custom Janitorial & Add-On Services

A lot of professional cleaning and disinfecting services providers have expanded their services to adjust to the growing needs of businesses and their commercial workplaces. A major trend we’re seeing is the offering of customizable service plans, where businesses pick and choose from the expanding list of available services to best suit their needs. If you have one or more commercial spaces that require such services, think about switching to a provider that lets you customize your services contract.

If you already have a pretty comprehensive contract with a provider that you trust and have a long relationship with, see about adding on additional services. There’s a good chance your service provider has extended that list and can fulfill your needs.

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  1. At this time of COVID19, the service of a cleaning services was so in demand that even the hotel room who was used to be a quarantine. That is why we need these 4 Top Commercial Cleaning Trends because they have enough knowledge to deal with cleaning using their new technology.

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