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Meet the Best Janitorial Company in San Francisco

Any great business is the sum of its people, and we have the best people in the business. With a depth of experience, our team at No More Dirt offers you the best professional janitorial service in the Bay area. As you can see from our profiles below, we have a mix of fun personalities, from golf aficionados to fans of “The Simpsons” to passionate sports fans to even an urban cowboy.

We believe the best companies come from such diverse backgrounds that take into account a range of opinions and experiences. The sum of our parts is the best San Francisco professional janitorial services in the area. Whether you’re calling us up to set an initial appointment or you’ve been using No More Dirt for years, you’ll enjoy all your interactions with us.

We love our jobs, and we’re not afraid to let our fun personalities shine through on the job. For all our differences, we all share an unwavering commitment to our customers. We appreciate the chance to earn your trust, and we build on those opportunities every day.

Read on to learn more about our unique team.

No More Dirt Team Member

Nick Mettler aka El Jefe


El Jefe is Spanish for the boss. Nick Mettler is English for el Jefe. When Nick is not steering the company you can find him racking up wins on the tennis court.

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No More Dirt San Francisco Team

Charles Gough aka English


When it comes to running operations he is the best. And when it comes to words that live on the outskirts of the English language, no one knows them or makes them up faster than Charles. When he is not keeping things together at work he tries to keep his ball out of the water at any of the Bay Area golf courses.

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No More Dirt San Francisco Team

Cameron Mahoney aka Miss Peach

Executive Vice President

When was the last time you met a Southern Belle with an Irish last name? It’s a wicked combination that keeps our Human Resources and Accounting teams running smoothly….a little sweet and a little salty – just like her cooking.

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San Francisco No More Dirt Employee Headshot CH

Cori (Holland) Chipman aka The Godmother


Cori runs her portfolio of accounts like a well-oiled machine. When someone needs to get something done in the field or the office you would be well served to consult the “Godmother” first. She brings a similar demeanor to estate sales, lets just say don’t get between her and an armoire she likes.

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San Francisco No More Dirt Employee Headshot MH

Michael Henriques aka MacGyver

Operations Manager

There isn’t a door, dispenser, chemical, or problem that can’t be opened, unlocked, found, or solved by Michael. Basically, Michael is someone that could jumpstart your car with a gum scraper and a broom handle. When he’s not performing great feats of janitorial ingenuity he can be found cruising the headlands on his motorcycle.

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No More Dirt San Francisco Team

Charles “Chas” Howatt aka The Maverick

VP Sales

When it comes to business development he is our Top Gun. Highly trained and highly skilled, his customized proposals are ‘Ice-Cold and No Mistakes’. Everyone in the Sales Department wants to be his wingman.

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San Francisco No More Dirt Employee Headshot MO

Mark Otsby aka Runway

Accounts Receivable ⁄ Inside Sales

Mark might sound intimidating on the phone, but ladies look out, he is a heart breaker. This former model likes evenings at home, enjoying a nice meal and watching the Simpsons with his trusty cat by his side.

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No More Dirt San Francisco Team

Martin Lorino aka Cero-Cero-Siete

Field Operations Manager

He is known throughout the world as the James Bond of janitorial. When it comes to getting the tough jobs done right there is only one Martin. And being the worldly man that he is boy can he cook.

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San Francisco No More Dirt Employee Headshot MC Blink

Matt Christopher aka The Golfer

Outside Sales

When he is not hitting the ball 400 yards, he is driving meetings with clients figuring out exactly what they need from their cleaning company. He is always making the process a hole in one.

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San Francisco No More Dirt Employee Headshot JLF

Jose Luis Figueroa aka The Cowboy


Jose Luis loves his horses almost as much as he loves his clients. Whether he’s wearing his phone earpiece or cowboy hat, he wrangles and lassos every cleaning opportunity like a true cowboy.

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San Francisco No More Dirt Employee Headshot EC

Edith Cuares aka The Gatekeeper

Human Resource Manager

As the head of our HR department, we are all accountable to the rules Edith puts in place. When she is not putting up with our antics you can find Edith out shopping with her daughter.

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San Francisco No More Dirt Employee Headshot DK

Darianne Kagioglu aka Game Time

Strategic Project Manager

There isn’t a play in the janitorial playbook she doesn’t have memorized. She’s our number one choice for every coin toss because she knows which side of the field is marble and which side is granite. When she’s not masterminding logistics on the whiteboard you’ll find her front and center at EVERY Florida State game (calling plays at the TV).

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San Francisco No More Dirt Employee Headshot RA

Rudy Aguilar aka The Hitter

Account Manager

The San Francisco Giants have a big place in Rudy’s heart, second only to his clients. Every day he steps up to the plate to deliver exceptional customer service.

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San Francisco No More Dirt Employee Headshot DV

Dain Vogel aka Mr. Professional

Account Manager

Dain is always polite, dressed well and is the ultimate professional both on and off the lacrosse field. A dirty facility is like a ground ball, he attacks them both with speed and determination. We are pretty sure he wears his blue blazer under his lacrosse gear.

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San Francisco No More Dirt Employee Headshot AM

Amy Munguia aka The Mechanic

Account Manager

When Amy is not cruising the classic car shows with her family, she is on the road visiting clients warming them up with her infectious laugh and smile. If your facility is in need of some work The Mechanic will be there to tune it up.

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San Francisco No More Dirt Employee Headshot JM

Jonny Mack aka The Mayor

Account Manager

If you go into almost any restaurant or bar in San Francisco, there is a strong chance that “The Mayor” will know someone behind the bar or working the host stand. When he is not watching University of Maryland play sports, he’s busy shaking hands and working the crowd.

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San Francisco No More Dirt Employee Headshot KR

Kelleigh Robbins aka Sweet Tooth

Account Manager

When she’s not surprising client’s with thoughtful treats, she’s sneaking brownies (and sometimes entire cakes!) in to the office break room. Kelleigh’s love for sweets and kind gestures perfectly matches her disposition and caring approach to helping our clients!

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San Francisco No More Dirt Employee Headshot JC

Jessica Centeno aka The Keymaster

Receptionist/Office Manager

Who ya gonna call? The Keymaster manages the front door and all the inbound phone calls. Like a good Ghostbuster, she never crosses the streams.

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San Francisco No More Dirt Employee Headshot AR

Adriana Rico aka Sonrisa

Human Resources Assistant

Adriana is the definition of someone that has “sunshine on a cloudy day”! No matter how big the task or how challenging the day she always has a smile on her face! When she’s not brightening our office with smiles and positivity, you can find her spending time with her family….smiling!

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No More Dirt Pet

Gibson the Dog aka The Looker

Director of Fetching & Receiving Treats

Gibson is not the hardest worker in the world, but with a face like that, it is tough to get on his case. He does do a good job retuning emails and writing thank you notes for people that send treats.

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